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  • Hole diameter text toggle.

    I'd like to be able to read the diameter next to each hole, and toggle the view of diameter text on/off.

    It would improve accuracy if there was a "View" toggle switch that would allow us to read the diameter of each hole in text displayed adjacent. Great for making sure that all of the holes are what we thought they were.


    Under "View:" there exists (V4.11) an

    "Outline mode" and a "Show refrence points" display function. This is where you would add the "Show dimensions" display layer toggle switch.


    Perhaps (for now) to make this an easier to write software feature you'd only display the dimensions of thru-holes - because that is what we usually have the most inserted of, and most need of seeing.

    Display text of every X,Y, and Z dimensions can come later. 8*D


    I'd be VERY nice to have the diameter text show up in the print-outs for checking and approval too.


    Thank you very much,


    Posted By: Joe Torre on Jul 04, 2011 04:48PM Category: Whishes

    Hello Joe,


    Thank you for contacting us with your request.


    There is a function built into the software that may meet your needs. If you go to the View menu, then select Object Properties, this will open a window that will display all of the properties of any object selected.


    This window can also be anchored if you drag it to one of the edges of the Front Panel Designer software window.


    If we can provide any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know.


    Kindest Regards,

    Paul Birkeland

    Customer Service


    Posted By: Paul Birkeland on Jul 05, 2011 06:11PM


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