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  • Dimension details of Side Profiles

    The Manual for Enclosure Assembly shows diagrams of the Side Profiles 1 and 2, indicating that they include slots which could be used for locating circuit boards, etc.


    The diagrams do not show sufficient dimensional detail to allow the specific location of these slots to be determined accurately. Can you post a more detailed drawing that indicates the dimensions and location of each of these slots? If this is already available somewhere, could you please indicate where it may be found?

    Posted By: Andrew West on Sep 12, 2011 10:53AM Category: Production

    Hello again Andrew,


    Here are the additional dimensions you requested:




    C = 4mm

    D = 1.5mm

    E = 1.5mm

    F = 7mm


    Side Profile 2 only contains slot "A"" with 1.05mm ribs. Dimension "F" is also the same between each extrusion.


    If you would like, we can mail you sample pack of these profiles if that is helpful in designing your enclosure, just send an e-mail to


    Kindest Regards,



    Paul Birkeland

    Front Panel Express

    Customer Service Manager


    Posted By: Paul Birkeland on Sep 12, 2011 05:40PM


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