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  • HPGL/2 support?

    I'm working in Autocad and wanted to import an Autocad file to FPD, will exporting the Autocad file via HPGL/2 work, or does it only work with HPGL?


    Is there an easier way to get things from Autocad to FPD? Will .plt files import?




    Posted By: Jeff McCrum on Aug 25, 2008 08:31PM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Hi Jeff,


    Both file types will work fine. The difference is in some additional information about line thicknesses given in HPGL2 for plotters. The thickness of engraving lines can be selected by tool choice in the HPGL properties in Front Panel Designer so that the extra information coming with HPGL2 is not needed.


    PLT is the file extension for HPGLs and the export from Autocad will work fine.


    Please keep in mind that in Front Panel Designer imported HPGLs can be only used for engravings. All drilled holes, cutouts and cavities need to be designed with Front Panel Designer. Reason is the missing information in Z (depth of objects) because of 2D drawings (important for countersinks or threads and depth of cavities).


    More information about HPGL import can be found in our Tips & Tricks section, Tips for generating HPGL files for logos or other engravings




    Posted By: Diane Haensel on Aug 27, 2008 08:08AM


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