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  • How to make this shape

    Hello im wondering how to make this panel shape. I mean the outline.




    Thanks in advance

    Posted By: david gutierrez on Mar 19, 2012 07:23AM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Hello David,


    Thank you for contacting us with your inquiry.


    In order to make this panel shape, you would start with a rectangular panel containing the outside dimensions that you need, then add four rectangular cutouts along the edges for the screw slots.


    It is permissible to overlap objects in our software with the edge of the panel, so a rectangular cutout with large corner radii can be used for these objects.


    Additionally, if you have a DXF available for this object, and you can remove everything that is not the perimeter shape, this contour can be imported into our software using the Free Contour shape when creating a new panel.


    If we can provide any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know.


    Kindest Regards,

    Paul Birkeland

    Front Panel Express

    Customer Service Manager

    Posted By: Paul Birkeland on Mar 19, 2012 05:10PM


    Great, thanks!


    Posted By: david gutierrez on Mar 25, 2012 01:33AM


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