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    I would like to order a black anodized plate with a hole pattern and engraved lettering.The ideal finished product would be an orange finish on all cut surfaces (holes, edges and lettering) and black everywhere else. Since other parts in the assembly will be orange anodized, it would be ideal to plate the finished panels with the other components as a batch. How would an additional anodizing pass affect the original black finish?

    Posted By: Bryan Booth on Apr 06, 2012 10:41PM Category: Production

    Hello Bryan,


    Thank you for contacting us with your inquiry.


    It is potentially possible to accomplish what you are looking for with a very specialized anodizing process at a facility dedicated to these practices.


    At Front Panel Express, our focus is on providing the highest quality surface finish possible, and to this end, all of our sheets come pre-anodized. This allows us to pick out any flaws in a sheet of material before machining, and we are able to keep the highest level of quality.


    One way to attain a similar look to what you're after would be to begin with a sheet of orange acrylic, then paint the top surface black, then have us perform the machining.


    Alternatively, you could layer a very thin layer of black aluminum on top of a thicker layer of orange aluminum to create a similar effect (orange infilling on the black panel engravings would have to suffice).


    If we can provide any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know.


    Kindest Regards,

    Paul Birkeland

    Customer Service Manager


    Posted By: Paul Birkeland on Apr 07, 2012 01:49AM


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