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  • Spacing Between Cutouts

    Is there a recommended minimum spacing to use between rectangular/circular cut outs?


    I have a few rectangle cutouts to place next to each other and want to make sure I'm not putting them to close together to avoid any problems during/after cutting.



    Posted By: Shaun Ortolano on Sep 08, 2012 05:13PM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Also, is there a size limit to how large a panel can be? Is 29" x 9" doable?

    Posted By: Shaun Ortolano on Sep 08, 2012 05:19PM




    I can't give you a clear answer about the spacing. It depends on both the material thickness and the size of the cutouts. In case the cutouts are small, like 25mm (1"), you can place them pretty close to each other. I would recommend something in the area of 2mm (0.08") as remaining material in between. However, when you have longer cutouts, like >100mm (4") with a material thickness of 2mm, I would give it at least 5mm (0.2") in between.


    If the cutouts get too long and too close, the remaining material in between starts to vibrate during the machining process. This results in a finish with chatter marks. The good thing is that you don't have to worry about it too much. Each submitted Front Panel Designer file gets checked by us for machinability. We contact you if we see concerns and your order is placed on hold until we are able to go over those concerns with you.


    A panel size of 29" x 9" is doable in thicknesses of >2mm. Maybe even in 1.5mm but I would need to see your design to confirm.

    In general, the largest panel size that fits on our machines is 46" x 34.25"


    Best regards,





    Posted By: Diane Haensel on Sep 11, 2012 01:35AM


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