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    I'm designing an enclosure and was wondering if it is possible to have a rectangle which also includes text in the geometry. Much like this:


    ...with "INPUT" being the "title" of everything included in the box.


    I guess it could be done with separate engraving lines (i.e. 5 lines and a text engraving), but I was wondering if there's an easier way.


    Thanks in advance!


    Kind regards,


    Posted By: S_Prime on Mar 22, 2013 05:21PM Category: Front Panel Designer



    You can design it with separate engraving lines or you can prepare all engravings in a graphic program such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and import it as a plt file.


    Here are some tips on engraving imports.


    Best regards,


    Posted By: DianeHaensel on Mar 22, 2013 06:06PM


    Thanks for the prompt reply, Diane.

    I think it'll be faster to just use separate engraving lines, add text and then group everything together.


    Trouble starts when you have to resize the box. :D

    Posted By: S_Prime on Mar 22, 2013 08:00PM


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