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  • Cavity within a cavity

    I need to create a rectangular cavity 40mm x 60mm that is 5mm deep in 10mm thick material. (That much is easy.) Now within that cavity, I would like to have another smaller rectangular cavity 20mm x 30mm that is an additional 3mm deep and also has edge machining (rounded edge 1.5mm radius) applied to it. This brings up some questions. How do I specify the smaller cavity depth in Front Panel Designer? Is it with respect to the top surface of the panel (in which case it should be 8mm) or is it with respect to the bottom of the larger cavity (in which case it should be 3mm)? Also, how do I know that the machining on the edge of the smaller cavity will be applied to the edge that is 5mm deep within the first cavity? In other words, how do I make sure the larger cavity is cut first, then the smaller one, then the edging on the smaller one? This same question applies to a similar situation with a through hole inside a cavity. Can I specify edge machining on a through hole sitting inside a cavity?

    Posted By: Vern_K on Oct 16, 2013 04:37AM Category: Front Panel Designer



    This is a good point.


    The depth of a cavity is always related to the top surface. In your case, the second cavity has to be 8mm deep.


    The edge on the second (lower) cavity can't be selected in FPD. We would mill air since the material is already removed by the larger cavity on top. However, we can make modifications in the milling program an lower the cutter. Please leave us a note in the production remarks and we will machine the edge of the lower cavity to your specifications.


    Best regards,


    Posted By: DianeHaensel on Oct 16, 2013 09:55PM


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