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    After receiving a new computer, all my previously saved macros are not easily accessible. Currently, I still have access to my old computer so I will be able to find what I need. However, we have other people in the department that may want to access a shared custom macro library. Is there a way I can define a location for these macro objects to save?

    Posted By: JFleck on Dec 16, 2013 07:55PM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Also Note: The macro object properties window misspells Category as "Catergory". :oops:

    Posted By: JFleck on Dec 16, 2013 08:11PM




    Unfortunately, we don't have macro sharing implemented yet.


    However, all your custom macros are filed in one file in the installation folder of Front Panel Designer under FDlib. You can copy it from there and save it on your new computer.


    You can also import older libraries by right clicking on your user folder in the macro side bar. This will bring up a menu with import function.


    Sorry that this is kind of a hassle but thank you for pointing this out. It will go on my software developer wish list, including the typo ;-)


    Kind regards,




    Posted By: DianeHaensel on Dec 18, 2013 03:29AM


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