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  • 1/4-40 UNS Threaded Hole

    I see that FPD allows for a hole with a 3/8" UNEF (3/8-32) thread to be cut into a panel. This is suitable for mounting potentiometers with no protruding threads or nut on the outside of the finished enclosure.


    I often use C&K 7000-series miniature toggle switches. One mounting option for these switches has a 1/4-40 UNS thread (1/4", 40 thread per inch). I would like to be able to have a hole with a 1/4-40 UNS thread cut into a panel to allow the switch to be fitted with no external nut.


    1/4-40 (and UNS for that matter) is not available as an option on the standard thread pull-down menus in the drill hole properties dialog box. However, I see that I can select "Manual thread parameters" and set diameter to 0.25" and the thread pitch to 0.025".


    My question: Can a thread with this size and pitch be cut successfully by the milling process?

    Posted By: desiato on Dec 18, 2013 06:45AM Category: Production



    I apologize for the late response. You can certainly set the manual parameters to diameter 0.25" and pitch 0.025"


    Front Panel Designer alerts you when you go too large with the pitch. It should do the same when you go too small but it doesn't. Thank you, you just helped me discovering a glitch in the software. However, a pitch of 0.025" works fine.


    Kind regards,



    Posted By: DianeHaensel on Dec 23, 2013 10:20PM


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