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  • Difficulty creating an arc

    I have spent hours trying to create a simple aircraft instrument panel the top edge of which has a profile consisting of two arcs: one with a radius of about 120-150 inches in the center 2/3, merging with one on each end with a 8.5 in radius. When I make the large radius arc (using the curved slot tool), the center is at the bottom of the grid, and the arc is at the very top, and when I move the arc down, the panel rectangle moves all the way to the top of the grid field so I can no longer see the top of the panel. How can I move the arc without moving the panel? Or move the panel back near the center so I can work on it? Or is there some other way to do this? How do I specify the coordinates of the center of the arc.

    Posted By: arcture on Dec 24, 2013 01:52AM Category: Front Panel Designer



    Don't use the curved slots. This is too painful.


    You can import the perimeter from any cad program as dxf file. You find this in the front panel property window on top in the drop-down of basic shape.


    It is way easier to do a complex contour with Auto Cad or whatever other software you prefer and import it into Front Panel Designer.


    I hope this helps. Let me know if you run into any problems with the import.


    Kind regards,


    Posted By: DianeHaensel on Dec 24, 2013 04:08AM


    Thank you. After a few hours learning Sketchup, I was able to export a .dxf file of the outline of the panel from it (using a plugin) and to import the .dxf file into Front Panel Designer.

    Posted By: arcture on Dec 25, 2013 02:57AM


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