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    I wish to provide a bezel to surround a keypad in order to display user instructions for function keys.


    The bezel is 10.7 mm square with a cut out 8.2 mm square leaving a 1.25 mm surround to take about 3 mm square characters.


    The smallest engraving tool is around 0.22 mm and this prevents me engraving such small characters.


    Two solutions spring to mind being photo anodising or silk screen printing.


    I can get these solutions as a post Express Front Panel manufacture however if you can provide such small markings, I would prefer having the total done by yourselves.


    This is part of my Unikey product for which your panels have been very successful.


    Comment would be most helpful.




    Docwat (Edinburgh, Scotland))

    Posted By: docwat on Jan 06, 2014 05:09PM Category: Production

    Hello Docwat,


    Our sister company Schaeffer AG serves the European market and they offer digital printing upon request.


    This sounds exactly like what you are looking for. Here is their contact:

    Schaeffer AG


    Kind regards,


    Posted By: DianeHaensel on Jan 06, 2014 09:21PM


    Excellent Diane,


    Very many thanks,



    Posted By: docwat on Jan 09, 2014 10:46PM


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