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  • Category Tree is Corrupt

    System: Mac OS Mavericks

    FrontDesign 4.3.1


    I am having a problem with Front Design 4.3.` on OSX mavericks. The Category Tree was corrupted when I was trying to make a macro from within FrontDesign.


    Now I am unable to get past the startup screen; From Design shows a "Category Tree is corrupt" dialog. While there is an Okay button that is illuminated, the splash screen is frozen in front of it.


    I have tried uninstalling by deleting the package contents and restart several times. And then installing 4.3.1 dmg. Unfortunately the condition is always the same.


    Perhaps this means that I am missing a file in my simple uninstall approach.


    I would appreciate some advice on how to delete all files associated with FrontDesign. So that I can do a clean install.


    Posted By: jeremySCLM on Jul 21, 2014 08:00AM Category: Front Panel Designer



    I am sorry for the inconvenience, especially since you can't get the software back to work.


    I will inform our IT department immediately and get back to you as soon as I hear back.


    Thank you,


    Posted By: DianeHaensel on Jul 22, 2014 11:21PM


    It seems the database of the user macro objects is damaged. The easiest way to delete it is through the terminal. Please open a terminal (found in Finder > Applications > Utilities) and enter this command and press return:


    rm ~/.FrontDesign/UserMacros.fml


    If you want to delete it with the finder you have to activate the display of hidden files. Here is a guide how to do it:



    And please, could you send us the damaged file before you delete it? This would help us to find out why this happened in the first place. (email to


    Thank you very much for helping us improving Front Panel Designer. And again, sorry for the inconvenience.


    Kind regards,


    Posted By: DianeHaensel on Jul 23, 2014 08:46PM


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