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  • Small holes in cavity

    Hi, my 6mm thick panel has a large cavity that is about 5mm deep. I would like to place some 2-56 tapped holes in the cavity, which will only pass through the remaining ~1mm of material at the bottom of the cavity. However, FPD still thinks that the material is 6mm thick and will only let me tap a blind hole, 5.8mm deep. Is there any way to convince the program that the material is only 1mm thick at the location of these holes, so that it can tap them thru? The same restriction applies to regular holes less than 2mm diameter.

    Posted By: Mwalker on Sep 03, 2014 07:08PM Category: Front Panel Designer



    You can't modify this in Front Panel Designer. The depth of holes are set by the tool we use to machine them. The tool for your example can only cut to a max depths of 5.8mm. The software doesn't recognize that you already placed a cavity on top of the tapped hole.


    However, we can adjust this for you with a small modification of the milling program (usually a fee around $15.) Please leave us a note in "remarks for production" if you want us to make the adjustments.


    Kind regards,


    Posted By: DianeHaensel on Sep 04, 2014 01:30AM


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