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    I wanted to order a few frontpanels but the program has the currency set to u.s. dollars.

    So far not a big problem but when I enter my address it tells me there is not shipping possible???

    I had this problem before on my laptop and I use my desktop to order then but after a reinstall it's on both my computers :(

    I live in the Netherlands and in the settings in Windows it also says Netherlands.

    I'm using Windows 8.1.



    Posted By: riktwi on Sep 19, 2014 04:59PM Category: Ordering

    Ah problem found.

    I didn't order from you but from schaeffer, a german based company.

    If I download the program from their website it's in euro's and they can ship to me.

    Both programs are exactly thesame except a small logo, quite confusing.

    Posted By: riktwi on Sep 19, 2014 05:06PM


    Hello Rik,


    Sorry for the confusion.


    Schaeffer AG and Front Panel Express are sister companies. Schaeffer serves the European and Front Panel Express the American market.


    Front Panel Designer is exactly the same for both companies besides the ordering program. Thank you for pointing out that this is apparently not quite obvious and the download page needs to be more specific.


    Kind regards


    Posted By: DianeHaensel on Sep 19, 2014 10:17PM


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