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  • Engraving Tool Size Question

    My panel is 160mm by 430 mm.

    It will be a few scale( size about 40-50 mm) placed over there.

    I confuse what tool size to choose for a proper in-fill color placement.

    Could you advice from your experience?

    I would prefer to see some photos or pictures how it looks like with different tool size.



    Posted By: Pavel Perchine on Mar 02, 2009 11:43PM Category: Front Panel Designer


    Choosing the right tool size for engraving comes down to what would you prefer your thickness of the engraving to be. For instance, if you choose a larger tool for the engraving, the engraving will be the same thickness as the tool size you have chosen. To get a visual of how engraving would turn out, you can print the panel in a 1:1 scale. Since the panel is a good size it will print a couple of sheets that can correctly matched up.


    Best Regards


    Posted By: Leland Savage on Mar 04, 2009 01:52AM


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