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    Trying to have a LOTUS logo milled. When I import the logo the O seems to have its center milled out as well. How do I address this?

    Also, does the mill tool simply follow the contour of the dxf lines, or mill out the entire area within each letter?

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    Posted By: Mike Spenard on Sep 24, 2015 04:39PM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Hello Mike,

    Do you want your logo engraved into the material or milled out? Are you trying to import the logo as a .dxf? If so, the O will not mill out correctly. You will have to leave material in the top/bottom parts the circle to connect the smaller circle of the O. That way the logo will be milled as a cutout and keep the center from falling out.

    If you want it engraved it would be hard to say without working with your file. I would recommend you group the inner and outer circles together and then add the contour lines. The tool will follow the contour lines of your logo to effectively mill it out completely. Let us know if these methods work.

    Best regards,

    Posted By: Diane Haensel on Sep 25, 2015 01:19AM


    I figured it out. I have to use the HPGL tool rather than a DXF. Thank you!

    Posted By: Mike Spenard on Sep 25, 2015 01:52PM


    Also, I know what you mean by creating support lines into the inner O. But that should only be an issue if you mill a hole thru the panel. A cavity mill shouldn't have that issue, but yet the software appears to indicate so. ...?

    Posted By: Mike Spenard on Sep 25, 2015 01:53PM

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