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  • Sample circuit breaker files


    Do you have any sample files for panels using Carling a and c series circuit breakers?

    Posted By: Chris Witzgall on Apr 20, 2015 03:28PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Can you transfer a DXF file to FPD

    Is there a way to transfer a Autocad DXF file over to Front Panel FPD

    Attached File: Misc_Placards-ETI-G36-302.dxf

    Posted By: JB on Apr 14, 2015 03:44PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Protective film?

    Would you consider an option for a protective film? Something we could "peel" off when we are totally done... it would keep the panel "brand new looking" until it's ready to go to the customer

    Posted By: John M on Apr 08, 2015 08:04PM Category: Production

  • HPGL scale resolution

    Hi, would it be possible to add one more digit to the HPGL resolution? Meaning, right now it will only do 48.8% or 75.1% instead of 48.85% or 75.12% etc... The extra resolution seems it would be easy to do and would save me a huge amount of time in fine tuning my engravings.

    Posted By: John M on Apr 03, 2015 06:19PM Category: Whishes

  • dialog boxes

    I can't get FPE to open.
    It says "the current instance of FPD is not reacting. Please close all dialog boxes and try again"
    I've put the program in the trash and downloaded a new version but no luck. Months of work gone. Please help.

    Posted By: jon peters on Apr 03, 2015 05:02PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Order single panel

    Can I order a single panel to fit a 2U 19 inch rack case, 2mm black anodised aluminium? How do I get a cost for this?

    Posted By: Barrie Davis on Apr 01, 2015 07:04AM Category: Ordering

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