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  • Front Design launch problem

    hello... I have ordered dozens of panels over a dozen years... and never had this issue...

    I get a pop up that says:

    the current issue of front panel designer is not reacting. please close all dialog boxes and try again.

    the program was running when I had a crash... it spun endlessly, so I had to force quit... now it will not open... I rebooted computer.. I dragged the old program to the trash... downloaded again... and reinstalled... still nothing... I found the Applications Support folder, but could not see any old files to delete...

    I sent an email yesterday. no reply...

    any help appreciated...

    Mac 10.13.1

    Posted By: jeff on May 23, 2018 05:45AM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • power connector for FrontDesign

    Is there a macro element I can install for a 110 power cable, like a EAC309X?

    Posted By: Allen on May 15, 2018 08:41PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • US Prices

    The pricing window is showing prices in euros. How do I get US $ pricing?

    Posted By: Robert on May 11, 2018 09:33PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • XLR descriptions preferances

    choosing these xlr's to match was excruciating.
    What about more description in the preferences pain. Once on the layout there is no way to reference what one you chose.right clicking preferences turned up too little descriptor or hole size or anything for reference after the fact, you are left guessing. I ended up printing them all out and then using calipers to try and figure out what is what by numbering them one to 12 on a paper.. love the service but the software is real week in a lot of other areas too.
    And the connector selection is so sparse i'm making most of mine up myself and its been years sins this is the same library of parts never updated.

    Posted By: Chaz on May 08, 2018 04:52AM Category: Whishes

  • housing bracket threading

    Hi. Do your housing brackets have threading? The manual doesn't say. Thanks!

    Posted By: Wes Kirk on May 02, 2018 02:54AM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • How to create rear panel?

    New user here, how do I design a rear panel? I like to have my connector cutouts in the back of a 19" chassis. Do I order my 19" chassis kit as usual, and send in the back panel for fabrication? Or can FPE make standard rear panels such as ones from Techmar, Bud, or Schroff that bolts right on? TIA!

    Posted By: Stanley on Mar 28, 2018 07:30PM Category: Front Panel Designer

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