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Author: jwilson
Posted: Jul 10 2010 - 10:31 AM
Subject: macro replacement function
It would be helpful after carefully placing macro objects that if they need to be replaced with a different macro object at the same location...maybe something like
(1) right click the object
(2) popup menu > click "replace"
(3) select macro object in sidebar
(4) click "enter"

(1) select macro object in dwg
(2) click a new "Replace" button maybe in macro sidebar
(3) select the macro object in sidebar to replace with
(4) click "Enter"
Author: paulbirkeland
Posted: Jul 12 2010 - 01:38 PM
Subject: re: macro replacement function
Hello Jeff,

The best way to accomplish a macro replacement would be with the alignment tool.

You would place your new macro anywhere on the panel, then click on it. Hold the shift key and click on your old macro. Right click on the group and select "Aligning/distribution". You would want to align the reference points on the last selected object, then click OK. Your two macros will now align themselves, and you need only delete the old macro.

I hope this helps!

Total Posts: 2 - Pages (1): [1]
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