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user picture Author: Gregory
Posted: Dec 13 2009 - 10:31 PM
Subject: Order checking

I am working on a panel that has two small acrylic windows. It's been a little time consuming, but I think I have them correctly sized. Is it possible to have you check my Perspex panels to make sure they will fit in the cutouts on the panel? If so, is there a charge? Thanks.
Author: DianeHaensel
Posted: Dec 14 2009 - 01:02 PM
Subject: re: Order checking
Hello Greg,

Certainly, this is part of our technical control of submitted fpd files. We check if the designs are machinable and also keep an eye on things like display fit, enclosure fit etc.

If you want us to focus on something in particular, you may want to leave a note in the 'panel properties'

There is no charge for that, this is our customer service.

Best regards,
Author: dwdavis
Posted: Mar 22 2010 - 12:45 PM
Subject: re: Order checking

One thing you can do to check a critical fit is print the design 1:1 and then 'fit' the part to the print. Or, if both parts are a FPE design, you can can print both parts and fit paper to paper. A very good sanity check before ordering.

We do this all the time, needing to fit connectors or boards to cutouts and mounting holes. Sometimes we glue the design printouts to thin cardboard, use an exacto knife to make the cutouts, and fit everything together to create a full scale mockup of the design before ordering. This really helps ensure getting it right the first time.

I use FPE to create full 19" rackmount enclosures for in-house test equipment. Every enclosure part is made with FPE. It is a fantastic service.
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