Vertical machining centers are commonplace in the industry, meaning that the spindle is held in the vertical orientation while in operation. Vertical machine centers are known for their precision, lower costs, and wide range of possible shapes they’re able to produce with pinpoint accuracy. Here’s why we prefer them over horizontal machine centers: 

1. Ease of Operation 

Small runs are much easier to process with vertical machine centers, as horizontal mills are better suited for large-scale productions like boring the same engine part 24/7. Parts sit on the vertical machine bed and are easily held in tight tolerances over a short period of time. 

2. Lower Prices                          

Horizontal machine centers are wildly more expensive than vertical machine centers and that cost is often passed along to the consumer. While the argument can be made for increased output being the offset, we prefer to keep our process as economical as possible for our trusted customers and clients. 

3. Increased Potential 

Vertical machine center manufacturers have made big strides in the last few years, introducing improved temperature stability, advanced pallet changers, and 3-5 axis capabilities that increase the possible shapes they’re able to produce.

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