Custom electronics like audio amplifiers, control boards, and rack mount components allow for great customization and flexibility in design to match your specific requirements, but custom and homemade electronics often look like just that. If you're building a high-performance part or wanting to show off a prototype to your supervisors or investors, investing in a professional enclosure and front panel will help demonstrate your idea for the technically-minded and the layman alike. Here are three ways a custom enclosure can help improve your project: 


This is a no-brainer. If you want you and your project to be taken seriously, it has to look serious. A mess of wires, visible circuit boards, and components looks scrambled together and poorly thought-out - not to mention dangerous. With a sleek and secure enclosure that perfectly matches the project's internal components, your prototype will have a better shot at getting out of the lab and into mass production. 


Just because it's a prototype doesn't mean it shouldn't look great. For a minimal investment, you can add production-level powder coating, engraving, and control labels that will awe your bosses.

Ease of Use

When you order a custom front panel or enclosure to specification, you ensure your components will fit perfectly with the enclosure and require minimal adjustments before your prototype is ready to be presented. Plus, with labelling and custom engraving options, you can make the experience for end users easy - a rare experience for those familiar with prototype electronics and devices.

Is your prototype looking a little too unprofessional? Try Front Panel Designer today and get a free quote on the production of your custom front panel or electronics enclosure completely risk free. If you have questions about our process or want to speak with a member of our design team about bringing your idea to life, contact Front Panel Express here.