Front Panel Express is known around the world for our fast turnaround time and no minimum batch requirements for front panels and component enclosures, but our versatile and state-of-the-art machines allow us extraordinary flexibility in the products and services we can offer our customers. While our proprietary software offers many custom options, speaking with a member of our team about your project's specific needs may open up additional avenues and inform your project's design moving forward. Here are a few other little-known aspects of our business that may be a benefit to you.


Put a professional touch on your design with a clean, smooth edge. Front Panel Designer allows for beveled and rounded edges within the application itself, providing a smooth edge around the panel's perimeter and cutouts. The software also allows for machined edges with a second file and an additional note. Thicker parts that will be secured and fastened from several angles should have the appropriate bore and screw holes integrated with the final design. 

Our standard machining process provides milled edges on the panel, Front Panel Express can also sand each edge, leaving your final product smooth, perfect, and without flaw. Leave us a note before you submit your design and we'll take care of the rest.

Non-Listed Material 

If you're feeling limited by our listed material, don't worry! Front Panel Express accepts customer-provided materials of different thicknesses, colors, and alloys. We can process off-the-shelf, powder coated, and even previously machined enclosure parts. Our machines can also process many non-ferrous metals and plastics that aren't listed on our site, but we're usually able to locate and procure those materials on our customer's behalf. Contact us for more information on material procurement.

Enclosure Accessories and Display Covers

We don't just mill front panels and enclosures - we can help you integrate them into your larger project or operation! With on-hand enclosure accessories like brackets, screws, rubber feet, and more, your component can have a consistent, clean appearance without sacrificing performance. In addition, we can also provide custom display covers to protect LCD and LED display screens of any shape or size. Front Panel Designer can help you create the perfect acrylic plate to match your display's cutout.

Download Front Panel Designer for free today and find out more about its capabilities for yourself. If you have questions about Front Panel Designer or our process, feel free to contact us for more information.