Entrepreneurship and innovation go hand-in-hand, with many of the world's most successful companies getting their start in a single room or garage with a handful of dedicated employees at the reins. Front Panel Express supports individuals and small teams working in the technology, aerospace, and engineering fields and we've crafted our business philosophy to cater to both large entities and hobbyists alike. Here's how we support innovators and inventors: 

Highly Customizable Options 

When you need to make your product stand out amongst the crowd, adding cutting-edge features and professional-grade finishes and labels. Whether you're creating an enclosure for a high-end amplifier or the control panel for a homemade drone, you want to ensure your product looks and feels like a capable device. 

Front Panel Express offers machine-milled front panels and enclosures from a variety of materials, with optional powder-coating, text, and logo engraving and in-fill colors.

One-Off Production

Many front panel and machine part milling companies require minimum batches before orders will be fulfilled. This makes sense, as machine time costs a certain amount of money and stopping a large production to fulfill a single part order isn't very economical.

Thanks to our simultaneous production process and automated design system, we can bring the same level of quality and service to our small and individual orders as with our larger clients and partners. Check out our price list here or download Front Panel Designer to get a free quote on your specific design. 

24 Hour Turnaround 

Unheard of in our industry, Front Panel Express offers 24-hour turnaround on most orders and even same day delivery in some cases. While our normal lead times are 5 business days and standard shipping costs, our team and equipment are flexible enough to accommodate those last-minute panel and part requirements.

Skunk works teams working on prototypes, experimental designs, and crowd-funded projects for Kickstarter or Indiegogo can benefit greatly from our rapid turnarounds and customer service. If you have questions about getting started with Front Panel Express or need to transfer a design from AutoCAD, give us a call and we'll help you bring your project in on time and budget.

For more information about Front Panel Express and how we're helping entrepreneurs and hobbyists just like you, give us a call or use the contact form to get in touch. 

Download Front Panel Designer here for free.