For many dedicated musicians, finding the right effects pedal is equivalent to locating a needle in a haystack. To truly experiment and find a sound that suits your tendencies, hunting through second-hand guitar and music shops may not be the easiest or the most economical path to take.

Many musicians already familiar with the limitations of a cheap or low-end effects pedal seek out rare and unique pedals in order to achieve a distinct, memorable sound. This is where designing and building your own effects pedals give the musically-inclined true freedom.

While it's true that creating an effects pedal that generates the sound you desire means a more-than-basic understanding of how electrical currents interact with one another along a circuit (or not), creating a safe and reliable test pedal enclosure is easier - and more cost-effective - than ever before. With free software, basic templates, and no minimum batch requirements for custom enclosure designs, musicians who partner with Front Panel Express can produce custom effects pedal enclosures and durable mounting boards with little to no prior experience.

Here's how it works: First, download Front Panel Designer free by clicking this link. If you have a previous enclosure you want to reference, it's easy to upload a template file or use a built-in solution to get started.

Within Front Panel Designer, you're able to add custom cuts and screw holes for mounting and securing the internal components. Labelling, graphics, and custom colors are available, as are a wide variety of enclosure materials for you to choose from.

As far as the components themselves are concerned, that's up to you and your musical inclinations, but there are plenty of great tutorials online, including this one regarding an optical tremolo box, a simple phaser guitar pedal and even a guide to rehousing an old effects box into a new, more durable enclosure.


Whatever your project, we're sure you'll find working with Front Panel Express for your custom enclosures an easy, affordable experience. We can't wait to see (and hear) the results!

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