There's been a debate regarding the best process for engraving custom name plates and metallic ID tags. Some producers prefer traditional stamping machines for their cost-effectiveness over long runs (think 25,000 or more), but new technology and superior accuracy in modern milling machines makes name plate production with high speed milling machines an attractive option for small batches.

Most product ID tags and name plate engraving jobs are performed using very small engraving bits running at high speeds. High frequency spindles running over 40,000 RPM can provide extremely fine, smooth results while effectively evacuating chips in the process. This also eliminates the requirement that operators perform a secondary de-burring that interrupts the process and increases costs. 

We've had amazing results engraving low volume product ID tags, custom branding for front panels and enclosures, and even custom door, company, and shop signs. Our flagship design program, Front Panel Designer, makes it easy to upload your company's logo and input custom lettering options (including font, size, and colors). 

Engraving custom name plates has several important points of emphasis. First, choosing an aluminum product ID plate ensures the product's authenticity and helps streamline support, adding a sense of permanence that a cheap vinyl label just can't match. These name plates are much more durable and able to withstand harsh environments, making them ideal for machinery production and hardware applications alike.

Second, creating custom signs, employee name plates, and door signs adds a sense of security to your workplace. Cheap paper identifiers won't make any employee feel secure in their work environment, as these are easily replaceable. Show your commitment to your hardest workers by presenting them with a high-quality aluminum engraved sign for their desk or office door and they'll pay you back with better dedication to your firm.

Finally, the ability to quickly load in a custom design in modern high-speed milling machines offers a significant reduction in costs compared to a stamping machine process, eliminating the need for batch requirements. This also provides a great deal of flexibility, since you never know when you'll need to create more. A dedicated partner that can quickly produce, verify, and ship your custom-engraved front panel, name plate, or enclosure is an incredibly valuable asset. Front Panel Express can provide that service, ensuring your project meets the required deadline without the exorbitant costs that come with large-scale batch requirements found at other machine shops 

Contact Front Panel Express for more information about our process and download Front Panel Designer to build and price your custom design today.