Powder coating is widely considered to be the ideal method of decorating and protecting aluminum components, products, and parts. By electrostatically spraying and fusing this mixture of pigments and resins onto a surface, you can achieve a high-quality, extremely durable finish that will extend the life of your metal and ensure its continued aesthetic appeal. 

The main difference between choosing a powder coating method and traditional liquid paint application is that liquid paint requires a solvent in order to preserve the binder and filler parts in a liquid form. By applying the powdered coating electrostatically and then curing it with heat, the end result is actually harder and tougher than conventional paint.

With powder coating, there are zero or near-zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful to humans and the environment alike. The reduced hazardous waste created by powder coating compared to liquid paints also make clean-up easier and allows the coated material to be easily recycled later on. 

As far as appearance goes, powder coated aluminum is much more consistent and even than conventional painting methods. Plus, because powder coating can produce a much thicker coat with fewer visible differences (like running or sagging paint), it can be significantly more durable than traditional liquid paint. The flexibility in choices of powdered resins and pigments allow for virtually every color combination - even glosses, metallic finishes, and a variety of different textures. 

Front Panel Express offers anodized aluminum with available powder coating finishes that will make your product, business, or component look and feel professional and appealing. Check out some of our work or contact us for samples or ideas for your next front panel or machine part project!