The ho-hum designs of electrical and component enclosures are exactly that - boring, sterile, and passive. While this makes sense for most companies looking for a cost-effective solution, it does little for a start-up or smaller company trying to make a splash with a new device or invention. Even if aesthetics aren't your primary concern, there are better ways to customize your enclosure design to meet the needs of your intended application and take better advantage of an internal component's design. 

Custom Colors and Graphics 

There's no doubt about it - engineers always want their work to be presented in a stylish and unique manner, but more importantly, that the enclosure feels designed to match their work. However, most custom-molded cases and enclosures require long lead times and hefty price tags. With multiple materials available, custom powder coating, and the capability to add custom labels and graphics to your enclosure design, Front Panel Designer is among the most comprehensive and streamlined design software available - and it's absolutely free.

Think Custom Inside and Out 

Once you're inside the enclosure, think about how an engineer may utilize the space. What's the power requirement? Are they using a standard-sized component or circuit board? Building in mounting ports, grooves, or catches for things like batteries, wire management, and nested components may help increase the device's longevity.

Machined Edges and Corners

Even if your project isn't intended for portability or extended tactile usage, the aesthetic qualities of your enclosure can be vastly improved by a milled, curved, or shaped edge. Check out our FAQ on machined edges here.

Get started on an eye-catching enclosure design at a fraction of the cost of the usual suspects in the industry. Front Panel Express prides itself on fast, reliable service with zero minimum batch requirements! Contact us today for more information or download Front Panel Designer for a personalized quote.