Your office isn't just a workplace - it's the second home for many of your employees and it's the face of your company when guests and business partners visit. While much has been said about the necessity to impress or even intimidate visitors with your office decor, there are actually many productivity perks that come with a little spit-shine and polish around the workplace. These aesthetic upgrades will not only help your office feel more lively and comfortable, it will help reduce stress and help your employees work better. 

Alter the Lighting                   

Studies have shown that increasing the amount of natural lighting in the workplace has a direct impact on employee productivity, alertness, and attention. By increasing the level of natural light (or replacing florescent bulbs with softer, more ambient lighting), tasks deemed boring or monotonous can be much less stressful and easier to focus on. Consider swapping out your florescent lights with personal lamps, string lighting, and soft colored bulbs to increase the ambiance and help increase alertness.

Introduce a Natural Look

Succulents and other natural plants can provide a fresh, light feeling to the overall office environment. Better yet, though, plants help clean the air and reduce bacteria, helping your workers breathe easier and protect them from illness. A NASA guide to air-filtering plants suggests that ferns, spider plants, lilies and ivies are all great for your indoor air and require little to no maintenance.

Lose the Cube

High-walled cubicles are much more likely to decrease employee moods, as they promote isolation. A small barrier is okay, but open-facing work stations tend to lead to more face-to-face communication, boosting employee relationships and improving moods. Plus, it creates a more open and conducive work environment, which helps the overall aesthetics of your office's interior. 

Keep It Personal

Employees like to personalize and decorate their workspace - help them do it! Provide a one time or recurring stipend for office supplies and desk decorations and encourage them to customize their area to their personal liking. This will help with both employee retention and improve workplace productivity, as no one likes to work in uncomfortable environments.

Invest in Quality Signage 

High-quality aluminum signs have a profound impact on first impressions by customers, visitors, and business partners. Exterior branding and interior office signs for navigation are extremely important for establishing a new brand or refreshing a current one, but by providing personalized office or desk signs for employees will help them feel secure and valued in a way that a paper name tag just won't achieve.

Front Panel Express can mill custom-branded aluminum signs for your business with no minimum batch requirements to order. Download Front Panel Designer to create your own custom office or business sign or contact our offices to discuss how we can help revitalize your company's look.