There's nothing more frustrating than designing a part, ordering it, and discovering the milling is incorrect or out of place. Enclosures typically require at least one cutout for power cables and additional cuts for holes, tappings, gaskets, assembly, and finishing, but with design processes having to accommodate for tight production timelines and prototyping stages, design engineers need to move quickly to accommodate for shortened design cycles while reducing costs.

Enclosure manufacturers tend to take up to two weeks for production and shipping of new enclosures, but highly efficient firms like Front Panel Express can provide next-day service on most requests for an additional fee. Partnering with Front Panel Express means you can significantly reduce your production time and keep your overall costs down throughout every stage of the design process. In addition, there are more steps you can take to further simplify your process to reduce production time and costs:

- Incorporate your enclosure modification requirements into your product design itself. This allows you to identify any customization options ahead of time and will give you a better chance of using a stock enclosure rather than having to build one from a custom design. With this extra lead time, you can reposition your mounting screws on the power supply to line up with a stock enclosure's existing mounting system.


- Locate a supplier that has a wide variety of sizes and styles on hand. If you find an enclosure that works without extensive customization, the costs associated with that particular element of the production are often always lower than building a custom option from scratch. Machinists that have made an investment in tooling, rapid production cycles, and easy-to-use design software should be valued more highly than others in the marketplace - especially when it comes to prototypes and small-run productions.

- Use the same supplier for both your enclosures and finishing details. If you do everything under one roof, the costs associated with secondary features like labelling, branding, and color options will be significantly reduced compared to building in yet another step in your production cycle and save you time when larger runs are required. 

If you're ready to reduce your overhead and speed up your project's production cycle, consider partnering with Front Panel Express. With experience ranging from high-end, industrial scale runs for front panels and electrical enclosures to one-off student and hobbyist projects, our team can help you streamline your process and keep things simple all the way to completion. We can handle pre-existing standard enclosures you provide or find an in-stock solution that will fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more or download Front Panel Designer and get started right away.