Precision machining and automated manufacturing is only as good as the original design. Human-only design is flawed by nature, which is why computer-aided design (CAD) software is such a valuable tool for machine manufacturing. 

CAD programs have been around for several decades now, but they still require a level of technical know-how to ensure the blueprint meets specification. Humans have the advantage of being able to foresee potential issues in translating the design to a real-life production, so the world of truly automated design-to-delivery in machining is still far off. 

For a designer, CAD software is a huge boon to productivity. By allowing designers to accomplish their tasks more quickly and effectively, firms have an edge over the competition in their ability to deliver more products at a faster rate. Various studies have proven CAD can improve a machine shop's productivity anywhere from 3:1 to 10:1. 

Front Panel Express takes the design process one step further. Our proprietary software, Front Panel Designer, is offered free to anyone who wants to use it - students, first-timers, and hobbyists included. Once your design is complete, Front Panel Designer has a built-in invoicing and delivery system to provide you with an accurate estimate of your total costs, production time, and approximate date of delivery. Designs can be saved and replicated for later, larger-scale production, making Front Panel Express the perfect choice for prototypes and test-bed projects.

Download Front Panel Designer for free today or contact us for more information about our design process.