When faced with tight deadlines or prototype demonstrations, inventors and engineers need to ensure their part machining and enclosure processing resources are fast, efficient, and reliable. Regardless as to whether you choose an overseas firm or a boutique company, there are steps you can take in order to streamline the process and ensure you get the parts you need on time, on budget, and without defects. Consider implementing these three steps into your process to speed up your production and hit those crucial milestones.                                

Small Batch Proof-of-Concept 

Before main production gets underway, all machines, gadgets, and gizmos undergo a prototyping stage. However, large-scale productions often differ from small scale part production and machining due to minimum batch requirements at the former. Front Panel Express has zero minimum batch requirements at an affordable rate, allowing companies and individuals alike approve the design before moving onto the initial or primary run. While this may delay progress by a few days, the ability to assess potential imperfections in design and make adjustments before production begins can be an invaluable resource over the long haul.

Integrated Design and Ordering Suites 

Not all CAD systems are created equal and even fewer will translate 1:1 to your machinists' individual production process. Front Panel Express is the only custom front panel and enclosure producer that uses its own software that comes complete with a built-in ordering system so you can get a specific, highly-detailed cost breakdown on orders large and small. Our customer support team is ready to answer any and all questions about the process and can even translate and verify CAD files for an additional fee.

Take Advantage of In-Stock Materials

Altering your initial design to a material your machinist has in-stock can drastically reduce the amount of time required to complete your order. While it’s important to achieve the results you desire, shifting your design to a different, more readily available metallic alloy or polymer will help you avoid the lengthier material sourcing and preparation stages that can lengthen your production time.

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