Beveled and Rounded Edges

Finished edges are an important touch to many panels, especially for those with exposed edges. Front Panel Designer lets you select beveled and rounded edges on the panel perimeter and cutouts.

Creating Logos

You can simply import your company logo or other vector graphics as an HPGL file into Front Panel Designer.  As the graphics are engraved on the plates and not printed, a few characteristics in the generating of HPGL files need to be considered to obtain optimal results. Find more information about engravings in our HPGL Manual.

We can also provide the service of generating engravable HPGL files to you. We can work with both bitmap and vector graphics. Contact us for further details.

Customer Provided Material

Do you need a different material alloy, material thickness or color? We can work with almost any non-ferrous material you provide. Not only are we able to work with powder coated or painted off-the-shelf panels, but we can also machine enclosure parts.

If you want to supply your own material for machining, please check the box "Use customer provided material" in the "Front panel properties" dialog box.

At this time, we do not offer printing or powder coating on customer provided material.

Find more information about supplying material in our FAQ.

Digital Printing

Logos, complex labels or photos – we can position all of these directly on your front panel. Our digital printing ensures high-contrast colors on a scratch and corrosion resistant surface.

Printing is currently only offered on our anodized aluminum.

For details concerning this please click here or contact us, we will be glad to help you further.

Display Covers

Design the corresponding acrylic plate to your display cutout. We recommend providing at least .008" (.2mm) tolerance in width and length.

Enclosure Accessories

All enclosure accessories can be found in Front Panel Designer's integrated ordering tool. Select the type, color of housing or side profiles and tell us the length you want it cut. All other needed hardware such as machine screws, self tapping screws, brackets for additional support and rubber feet can be added to your shopping cart during check out as well. Find all information related to enclosure design and accessories in our Enclosure Manual.


Engraving is an exquisite and lasting method of labeling front panels. Front Panel Designer offers numerous fonts and engraving objects. It also allows the import of your graphic design via vector file to complete the visual impression of your front panel.

Do you need assistance to create an engraveable vector graphic? Contact us, we would be happy to help you.

FPD Design Service

We created Front Panel Designer to make the design process as convenient and efficient as possible. However, some unique projects require additional assistance, which we are happy to provide.

Have you already designed your project using a different CAD program, and you do not wish to start the design process all over again? No problem, we offer a design service to convert existing drawings into Front Panel Designer format. Our experienced engineers will work with you to meet all of your requirements. Please contact us for further details.

Free Contour

Create any free contour in DXF format and Front Panel Designer automatically generates a milling element from this. Import the panel perimeter separately from cutouts you want to place onto the panel.

Even complex machine parts immediately become reality.

Machined Edges

We can machine not only front and backsides but also the edges of a part.

In order to do this, a second Front Panel Designer file is needed. The dimensions of the edge need to corresponded to the part (choose a thickness of 10mm.)  You basically draw the top view of the edge and place your desired objects on it. Please select the box "customer-supplied material" for the edge file and make a note which edge you want us to machine. For example: "Right edge of file XXX ."




Powder-coated finishes are a great addition to our anodized aluminum. Choose from our standard colors or request a color of your choice.  Contact us for any details.


Are you looking for a material that is not listed in Front Panel Designer? Our machines can process most non-ferrous metals and various plastics in addition to aluminum. Let us handle the procurement of your desired material.

Sanded Edges

With our standard machining process the milled edges on the panel perimeter may show slight tool marks.

We offer sanded edges for a perfect and flawless finish. Simply check the "Edge Sanding" box in the Front Panel Properties menu in your design file. Contact us for more details.


Front Panel Designer is a free design and ordering software available from Front Panel Express. It is part of our CAD/CAM system, adapted to the production of front panels, which allows Front Panel Designer files to be quickly and efficiently transferred to our CNC milling machines.

Download Front Panel Designer here

Studs and Standoffs

Place studs and/or standoffs on the front and/or back side of your front panel. We offer different lengths in M2.5, M3, UNC #4 and UNC #6 threads. These can be simply selected in Front Panel Designer.

Studs and standoffs are secured on panels using epoxy.

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