Each front panel is an individual product. The size, selection of material, material thickness, quantity and size of cutouts and engravings determine the cost. Front Panel Designer gives you an instant, detailed price breakdown throughout the design process. Get instant price quotes at any point by clicking on the price calculator.

Price examples


Anodized aluminum with engraving
483 x 132.5 mm

Price 184.20 USD


Anodized aluminum with engraving
Dimensions: 190 x 145 mm

Price 109.65 USD

Copyright: the lighting crew / Oliver Horn


Anodized aluminum with engraving
Dimensions:  93.5 x 119 mm

Price 78.27 USD

Copyright: SPECS Surface Nano Analysis GmbH

Quantity discounts for front panels


1 – 4  

5 – 9  

 10 – 19

 20 – 29

>= 30






upon request

Request a customized quote for quantities of more than 30 per part. The above quantity discounts apply to front panels when selecting our material in Front Panel Designer. Quantity discounts for customer provided material are reduced in half (max 15% for qty of 29.)

Lead Time

Choose from our standard lead time of 5 business days, or the 1 and 3-day express options.

Orders with higher values (>1,500 USD) take longer to process than the standard lead time of 5 business days (from 8 to 20 business days.) Faster processing is available upon request for an expedite fee.

Lead Time

5 Business Days

3 Business Days

1 Business Day

Expedite Fee




Shipping and Handling

Shipping charges are estimated by Front Panel Designer’s Ordering Program. The final shipping charge is calculated on the day of shipment based on box size and weight (exception, see below).

  • Standard shipping service via FedEx
  • UPS shipping service available with freight collect
  • Other parcel services available upon request
  • We offer nationwide (continental USA) FREE GROUND SHIPPING (up to 50 lbs) for orders >$50
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