Sales Tax Exemption

Manufacturers, resellers, federal government, and other qualified groups and individuals may place a sales tax-exempt order once we have a valid tax-exempt certificate on file.

As required by law, Front Panel Express collects Washington State sales tax on all orders shipped within the State of Washington. No sales tax applies for orders delivered out of the State of Washington.

You can select the tax exemption status during checkout in our Order Program. Please attach an electronic file of your tax exemption certificate to your order if it is your first tax exempt purchase with us.

More detailed and comprehensive overviews may be found by visiting the Washington State Department of Revenue's web site at

Most common tax exempt categories:

  • Industrial Production/Manufacturing
    Washington State exempts sales of machinery and equipment used in manufacturing. WAC 458-20-13601

  • Resellers
    Companies or individuals that purchase goods or services with the intention of reselling them rather than consuming or using them, as a general rule, are tax exempt from sales tax if they can provide a valid resale certificate. WAC 458-20-102, WAC 458-20-102A, WAC 458-20-169

  • Federal Government
    Sales made directly to the federal government are exempt from sales tax. WAC 458-20-190

  • Tribal Government and Enrolled Tribal Members
    Certain sales transactions involving tribal governments or enrolled tribal members are tax exempt. WAC 458-20-192

  • Agriculture Production
    Washington State exempts certain items related to agricultural production, some of which require specific Exception Certificates and some of which do not. WAC 458-20-209 and 210
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