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The integrated scale generator enables you to create round and straight scales.

Open the Create scale function in the toolbar. In the dialogue box that opens, you can set various parameters for the scale, such as scale shape and type, number of scale lines, start and increment value. The scale generator then generates a scale as an HPGL engraving element and, if necessary, as a label in the form of text engraving elements. A labelled scale is inserted as a group.

Editing a scale

To change the properties of the newly created scale, highlight it and click on the Create scale button in the toolbar. The changes in the scale generator refer to the selected scale in this case.

Editing other properties

You can edit other properties of the scale – such as colour, font, print/engraving – in the properties dialogue boxes of the HPGL engraving and, if necessary, the text engraving elements (double-click on the scale or labelling elements).

Note: Now that the labelled scale has been created, the group first needs to be ungrouped (right-click on the scale > Ungroup) to be able to open the corresponding properties dialogue box.

Scale script

The scale generator is available both as a function in the toolbar and as an editable script in Edit Script. More information on Scripting in Front Panel Designer