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There is a library of macro elements available to professionally adapt electromechanical components from well-known manufacturers to your front panel. You can also save your own designs as macro objects thus making them available for other front panel projects.


The Macro Manager opens up the collection of macros from associated databases and provides access to individual macros that you can place using "Drag & Drop" or by subsequently pressing Insert > Macro object .

The user does not have to concern himself with the organization of the library made up of databases (as opposed to Studiosus in the picture "The Bookworm" by Carl Spitzweg, 1850).

When supplied, this library is based on two databases. The extension of the library to include databases which have been created by "Front Panel Designer" or supplied as a standard library is possible (See the entry "Integrating other catalogs" in the "Macro Manager" chapter). This makes it possible to systematize the use of the same macro by different users.

Updating the Standard catalog database

The database for the standard catalog will always be updated when you install the latest version of "Front Panel Designer".

Alternatively, you can take the appropriate database from a current installation and integrate it (see the entry "Integrating other catalogs" in the "Macro Manager" chapter).

Exchanging macro databases among yourselves

Users can easily exchange standard and user databases with each other. For details on the localization of proprietary and integration of third-party databases, see the entry "Migrating and saving macro databases" in the chapter "File Management".