Finishing options

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Find out about the processing options for front panels that are in principle finished.

Subsequent anodizing

The surfaces additionally created by machining – such as the cylindrical surface of a drilled hole – on the front panels we manufacture are "bright", i.e. the anodization existing on the front and reverse sides (where applicable) is missing.

For the cases in which subsequent anodizing of the bright surfaces is required, we offer an appropriate service. Please ask for details of the additional costs, amended delivery times and possible limitations to the finishing quality for your specific project.

Note: Subsequent anodizing of colorless or black panels generally produces satisfactory results. For other colors, losses in quality may result, which we can explain to you further when discussing your project.

It is possible to anodize cast aluminum panels. Please contact us to discuss the possible designs, the related surcharges and the effects on the delivery time. Please note that the anodizing process may involve dimensional changes or must be controlled accordingly in order to comply with particular dimensions.

Sanding outer edges

We offer you a service for sanding the outer edges of your front panel. As a result, all traces of machining are eradicated and the edge appears matt (similar to natural anodised).

In the ‘Front panel properties’ window (Ctrl + f), select the ‘Sand edges’ checkbox. The price will be shown in the price calculation in the Front Panel Designer.

In the ‘Remarks for production’ field of the ‘Front panel properties’ window (Ctrl + f), enter the text ‘Sand outer edges’. As the costs depend upon the work involved in these cases and are determined separately by us, the price calculation in the Front Panel Designer remains incomplete. We will inform you of the costs on request or in the offer/order confirmation.