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The "settings" configuration dialog is opened with Edit > Settings… or Ctrl + e . The "View" and "Interface" tabs allow you to make numerous settings. For design-related details see also our design aidsat the same time.



Grid settings, units of measurement (mm or inches) and mouse pointer options


Program language, mouse wheel options and management of macro databases

3D view

Settings for the 3D view window

Save view options as default

If you check the "set as default" box, then all settings in the View tab will be adopted as the default settings for newly created front panels.

Adopting default view options

When you press the button "Use default", the settings last defined as default (see previous section) are applied to the current front panel.

Interface settings are globally valid

Whereas the settings listed in the View tab only refer to the front panel currently being processed (as well as those newly created in future), the settings listed in the Interface tab are "global", that is valid for the design of any front panel.

These sometimes only apply after a restart of the program.