Measuring function

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The measuring function allows you to measure distances and angles between points. To simplify the use of this support function, important points can be "snapped".


To use the measuring function, select the ruler icon in the toolbar (keyboard shortcut: A).

Set the starting point of the measurement line with a left-click. Another left-click sets the end point. The measured values are displayed in the status bar during the measurement.

After the end of the measurement line has been set, a window appears on the bottom right from which the measurement values can be copied. By clicking on the ruler icon once again (keyboard shortcut: A) the current measurement line is removed. The "snapping" of points can be toggled on and off with a right-click. The current option is displayed in the status bar.

Snap points

The function "Snap to snap points" can be toggled on and off by right-clicking in measurement mode.

When this function is used, a measuring point automatically snaps to one of the following points near an element:

Beginning/end of a line (E)
Midpoint of a line (M)
Beginning/end of an arc (E)
Midpoint of an arc (M)
Section of an arc at 0° (1) , 90° (2) , 180° (3) , 270° (4)
Reference point of the object (R)
4 corners and midpoints of the lines of the selection rectangle (E)

The snapped point is marked with a small blue square, in addition a small adjacent letter/number indicates the type of snapped point.