Front Panel Designer is a free CAD software that lets you design and order custom front panels and enclosures exactly to your specification. Our software is easy and intuitive - no prior experience is needed.

Front Panel Designer enables you to design a custom machined product, and it also lets you actively participate in our production process. You create the machining code with your design file and you only pay for actual machine time and material.

Front Panel Designer offers you the following features:

  • drilled holes, cutouts, curved slots, threads and countersunk holes
  • rounded and beveled edges
  • system holes for standard 19" front panels
  • macro objects
  • text engravings and engraving objects
  • HPGL engraving import
  • DXF import for free contours
  • DXF/SVG export of your file
  • price calculation
  • order processing

Material and manufacturing costs can be calculated at any time through Front Panel Designer. Send your design file directly to our order processing department online by using Front Panel Designer's integrated ordering function.

Download Front Panel Designer

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