Enclosures are as unique as your projects. Our free software, Front Panel Designer, lets you design your unique electronic case. Choose between two different types of enclosures:

Enclosures with Side Profiles

This particular enclosure is designed with two side profiles which have a set height of either 42mm (1u rack) or 56mm (1.5u rack). These are standardized heights for a 19 inch rack.

Enclosures with Housing Profiles

Housing profiles give you more flexibility with the design of your enclosure. With these panels you are able to create variable heights and have more customization options for your enclosure sides.

Enclosure Assembly Manual

More information about enclosure design, technical drawings and available fasteners are provided in our Enclosure Assembly Manual.

Examples of Enclosures

To help give you a better idea of how these custom enclosures are designed, a few examples are provided below. Each example has a downloadable ZIP file containing all files used to create the enclosure in Front Panel Designer. More information about enclosure design and available fasteners are provided in our handbook for designing enclosures.

Typ: Side Profile 1 (height 42 mm)
Download ZIP file

Type: Side Profile 2 (height 56 mm)
Download ZIP file

Type: Housing Profile 1
Download ZIP file

Type: Combination of Housing Profile 1 and 2
Download ZIP file


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