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  • Front Pannel Express bug Linux version

    The linux version of the software does not open correctly. When a new Pannel is created bottom part of wizard is truncated and I cannot access "OK" and "Cancel" b***ons.

    Posted By: Rahul Hari on Nov 27, 2019 03:06PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Outsourced Front Panel Designer?

    I need a design with cut outs for 64 b***ons for 2 Elgato stream decks to be put in an AV rack. Does anyone 1. have significant experience using the FP Designer software and 2. is interested in doing this design work for a fee?

    Posted By: Tom on Nov 21, 2019 05:33PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Old computer front panel

    Any chance you have made a front panel replacement for a Digital, PDP8 e or m computer ? Please see attached file for reference. If not, is this something you could do and quote ?

    Please advise,

    Sincerely, Gene Katz

    Attached File: image.jpeg

    Posted By: Gene Katz on Nov 04, 2019 04:47AM Category: Whishes

  • infill Cavity?


    I have a customer's logo that I would like to engrave and have in-filled black. Since the file is a DXF, the only way i can import it is as a cavity, which does not allow you to infill.

    Is there an alternate technique I could use?

    Attached File: Orb_Logo_Gray-v3.dxf

    Posted By: Brian Sparano on Nov 03, 2019 05:58PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • German text in screenshots

    I see some b***ons in the screenshots are in German, e.g. Hilfe. Does the download have all text in English? Thanks.

    Posted By: Richard Milward on Oct 24, 2019 02:55AM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • reference lines

    Is it possible to enter some reference lines that will not be part of the finished product?

    Posted By: Vic Kostrukoff on Oct 14, 2019 07:21PM Category: Front Panel Designer

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