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  • Acrylic display windows

    In the FAQ section of this website it says that I can add a display window to my panel by using a rectangle-in-rectangle shape. I have a 16" x 5" x 0.125" black anodized aluminum panel to which I'd like to add a tinted display window. Can you help me with the following questions please:


    1. What thicknesses of acrylic do you offer?

    2. What tints of acrylic are available?

    3. How do I specify my choice in the Front Panel software?


    Many thanks,


    Posted By: Carl Livitt on Jan 13, 2009 08:48PM Category: Production

  • Vector support?



    Why can't a user cannot generate a design in a vector program, such as Illustrator or Corel Draw for the cuts and import to Front Panel Designer? Some of us have fully-designed setups already in vector, so this would save a lot of time versus having to needlessly redraw them in your software.

    Posted By: Jeremy B on Dec 08, 2008 06:36PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Bulged Rectangle

    Hi, just wanted to introduce myself and a problem that has me stuck. I'm Jeff and having a heck of a time trying to figure out how to make a bulged rectangle for the shape of my panel. The panel will fit in A Seahorse 520 case which has radiused sides and corners and is not a perfect rectangle. I've tried to used the curved slot tool to shape the rectangle but it's giving me fits and I just can't seem to get it right. I'm computer savy but not Cad savy so there is a bit of a learing curve. If I can get the basic panel shape down adding the rest of the data shouldn't be an issue. Below is a picture of the panel with dimensions and I am hoping that someone can help me figure out how to successfully draw the basic panel shape or give me some advice on what I need to do. I would be nice if there were a template for cases like these or if we could import a DXF file (I have this drawn in Autocad). ANy help would be appreciated:


    Posted By: Jeff Schaber on Dec 02, 2008 08:45PM Category: Front Panel Designer

  • Suggestions for polishing raw aluminum

    I've so far only worked with anodized aluminum, and I'm wondering if anybody's had luck in getting a nice polished shine from the raw aluminum.


    I was thinking of getting a bottle of Mother's Aluminum Polish, but the panels themself won't be cheap, so I'd rather not experiment.

    I've read that only some types of aluminum alloys polish well.


    Another concern after polishing is keeping the polished shine. I'm guessing something like everbrite, carnauba or some other clear wax, polyurethane clear coat, etc..


    Does anybody have suggestions?






    Posted By: James Lee on Nov 18, 2008 02:04PM Category: Production

  • Machining on edges / perpendicular faces

    In the thread titled "Beveled edges" it was revealed that a part can be machined on its edge if the material is thick enough. What are the constraints to this?

    For example, can I machine a M2 hole in 4mm material? What position tolerance is there between features machined on the front and features machined on the edge?


    Also, is it possible to machine on the perpendicular faces of right-angle aluminum? I have a section of aluminum which appears similar to this:



    The sides are 25.4mm wide and 3.2mm thick. Is it possible to machine on the two outside faces of this material? How about the inside faces?



    Posted By: Alex Hay on Nov 09, 2008 08:43PM Category: Production

  • Scale Generator

    How do you install and run Scale Generator?


    Posted By: Don Cleveland on Nov 07, 2008 08:05PM Category: Front Panel Designer

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