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    I was curious to know more about the manufacturing process, specifically about the anodized aluminum. If I used Front Panel Designer to build an anodized aluminum front panel for an enclosure, does the panel get re-anodized after the engraving? Or do you anodize the panel after engraving? I would like to avoid having the raw metal exposed.

    Also, am I able to specify depth when we are engraving text? I didn't see it in the application, am I able to request a specific depth when I order?

    Posted By: Kyle Etsler on Aug 14, 2019 12:36AM Category: Production

    Hi Kyle,

    Thank you for your questions.

    Our material arrives pre anodized so the outside edges and any cutouts or engravings we do will show as raw aluminum. We do not do any anodizing in house. You can choose to infill your engravings with the colors in the software if that helps. For the outside edges and interior cutouts the only way to cover the raw aluminum is to have your panel powdercoated.

    The max depth we can do engravings is .6mm deep. All text designed using the .2mm tool will be machined .2mm deep, any text designed using the .4mm tool will be machined .4mm deep and any text tool .6mm and higher will be machined .6mm deep.

    If you want a custom depth for engravings you will have to import your text as a .dxf file and choose to mill as 'cavity' in the properties screen and input the depth you want.

    If you have any other questions email us at


    Posted By: Adrian on Aug 15, 2019 01:31AM


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