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    Hi again,


    Just wanted to note some issues I'm having with keyboard commands using an Intel Mac and version 4.1 of FPD.


    The "Select mode" tool appears that it should be activated by the space bar - this doesn't seem to work for me.


    The "Delete" command appears it should be linked to the Delete key but this is also not working. (I'm using a Mac laptop, so my Delete key is where the "backspace" key would be on a PC).




    I am happy that I can set my mouse scrolling wheel/ball to scroll the document up+down. It would be GREAT if left+right scrolling functionality could be added as well.


    Last but not least, it would be FANTASTIC if we could get some key commands for zooming in and out. "Command plus" and "command minus" seem to be the standard for Mac and "control plus" and "control minus" for PC.




    Posted By: Seth Alder on Nov 16, 2010 10:45PM Category: Front Panel Designer

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