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    I'm trying to import a DXF file but Front Panel Design doesn't recognize it. It's a text file and when I saved it it had a .txt extension but I renamed it with a .dxf extension. What am I doing wrong?

    Posted By: Bob Miller on Jun 06, 2012 05:41PM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Hi Bob,


    Are you looking for text engravings or do you want to have cutouts machined?


    Front Panel Designer offers an import of hpgl files (extension plt) for engraving and an import of dxf files for cutouts.


    We have some "how to" tutorials on youtube:




    Let me know what you are looking for or send me the file you have trouble with to


    Best regards,


    Posted By: Diane Haensel on Jun 15, 2012 02:26AM


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