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    Hello I'm designing a 19" 1U rack enclosure. I'd like it 11" deep. I have the front and back designed. I found a template zip that I think is what I need. I can't seem to get the depth of the side/top and bottom panel correct. When I may them longer I can't get the screw holes to move with it. I'm not 100% I have the correct template. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Posted By: Matt Sprigings on Jan 26, 2013 04:31PM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Hello Matt,


    The holes don't move when you change the size of the panel. You would need to adjust that as well.


    I know that the enclosure design can be sometimes painful. Therefore we check every single enclosure order that comes in and make sure it fits together. So no worries, we contact you if something doesn't make sense. You can also always leave a note for us, pointing out where you want us to double check.


    Best regards,


    Posted By: Diane Haensel on Jan 29, 2013 12:29AM


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