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  • Sloped enclosure?

    Can you fabricate a sloped enclosure, similar to the Hammond 1456 series? Imagine something maybe 8" wide, perhaps 1.5" at the front (toward the user) and a 10- or 15-degree slope up so the back is higher? I would like the top and back to be at a right angle, making the angle between the bottom and the back 80 or 75 degrees depending on slope. The Hammond boxes have the bottom-to-back angle at 90 degrees.


    The idea is to mount a PCB from the top (sloped) panel with connectors coming out the back. Using the Hammond box with the 80-degree angle between the top and back means that I need one PCB for user interface (on the top) and a second to support the connectors through the back.



    Posted By: Andy Peters on Jan 27, 2013 04:23AM Category: Front Panel Designer

    Hi Andy,


    Our enclosures can't be sloped but we can work with Hammond parts.


    We do the 1456 series quite often. You would just send it to us and we machine it for you. Front Panel Designer allows you to select "use customer provided material" in the front panel properties.

    Here are more details.


    Best regards,


    Posted By: Diane Haensel on Jan 29, 2013 12:36AM


    Oh, I see. Reworking the Hammond enclosure won't help, as I want a right angle between the top and the back parts instead of between the bottom and back parts (the latter is how the Hammond boxes are built).



    Posted By: Andy Peters on Jan 29, 2013 07:31PM


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